Exciting New Chapter

Sophie’s has been the heartbeat of Bayview, Toronto— a warm place of love, laughs, and the spirit of a unified family.

As we turn the page to an exciting new chapter, we are thrilled to introduce to you: Tiarre’s Brunch ‘N Cakes! 🌟 The same place you love, with a new a brand and vision.


Rest assured, our core values remain unchanged. The same hands that crafted your favourite breakfast will continue to serve with the same love and quality. This is part of the reason that we’ve added our own daughter’s (Tiarré) name to the new brand – to continue this tradition of celebrating community and family.

As we embark on this journey, we promise fresh, innovative experiences, while always cherishing the legacy of Sophie’s. 💕

Together, let’s embrace the future, create new memories, and uphold the standard of excellence you’ve come to love. From the original Sophie’s to the vibrant spirit of Brunch ‘N Cakes, thank you for being an irreplaceable part of our story. We eagerly await your next visit! 🥞🍰💛